Authentic souvenirs - christmas mugs 2021, photo: Jiřina Rittichová
Authentic souvenirs - collection Brno dragon
Authentic souvenirs - collection From Brna, design: Barbara Zemčík, photo: Monika Hlaváčová, Pocket Media
Authentic souvenirs - mugs, photo: Monika Hlaváčová, Pocket Media

Authentic souvenirs

Our souvenirs are a sensation among tourists and locals alike. Authentic, fun, and created by local artists, for sale in a designated online shop.

  • For anyone who appreciates authenticity, quality, and distinctive humour.
  • For anyone looking for souvenirs they can’t get anywhere else.
  • For fans of Brno from Brno as well as close or distant places.
  • A modern collection and diverse offer by local artists, such as Petr Kvíčala, Vendula Chalánková, Pavel Hayek, TIMO, the Goldfinger Porcelain Shop, Porigami, and others.
  • Available at TIC BRNO information centres and its online shop.


“Souvenirs from TIC are simply the best! I love beautiful and, above all, practical things. And to create beautiful city souvenirs people will love to keep, souvenirs that remind them of the city and fit in their stylish lives, is nothing short of a miracle! I’m looking forward to your next beautiful Brno-themed ideas. Congratulations!”

Ing. arch. Eva Beránková
architect and administrator at design shop

“The gifts from Brno are reminders of the life, spirit, and creativity of the local people. And that makes them absolutely special.”

MgA. Barbara Zemčík
graphic artist and designer

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