As a professional city-funded agency, we organize events for the public and support tourism. We have a SENSE of BRNO and are here for anyone who’d like to enjoy it, both locals and tourists.

“Brno is a unique place with an authentic atmosphere.
We want the whole world to know about it.”

Jana Janulíková
Director TIC BRNO


We provide high-quality information services and marketing-communication support for the destination of Brno, suited to each target group.

Other activities for tourism

Publication and on-line portals

We publish a city listings magazine, as well as gastronomy and other guides to Brno. We operate an official tourist portal about Brno and an e-shop with a range of souvenirs and award-winning publications.

Significant cultural landmarks

We are in charge of several significant cultural landmarks, opening them up to the public through specialist lectures and providing them for rent. Thousands of people from Czechia and abroad visit these places every year.

Other cultural monuments

Art: visual, film and music

We run a gallery and cinema, support the local audiovisual industry through an independent office and promote Brno as a member of the UNESCO Creative City Network and as the city of Leoš Janáček.

Further activities in the field of art


We are delighted by both specialist and general interest in our products and services, which have been successful in competitions and opinion polls. We’ve been awarded a Zlatý Středník prize and were among The Most Beautiful Czech Books of 2019. We came first in the opinion poll Kudy z nudy, we placed highly in the TTG Czech Travel Awards and have received points in the Major Tourism Prize.

Further awards received

TIC BRNO Partnerships

Together with our partners, we enjoy helping to implement good ideas and stage events that revitalise Brno and increase its attraction to locals and tourists.


“Under the leadership of Jana Janulíková, I regard TIC BRNO as an effectively governed organisation, providing long-term support for sustainable tourism in Brno. In realising her concept, the director has fashioned Brno into a distinctive cultural brand. Within a few years, Brno has become a city able to offer authentic experiences, making us a worthwhile destination for visiting exhibitions, theatrical productions, and enjoying cultural festivals like Janáček’s Brno or the Brno Music Marathon, etc. I’m pleased this strategy has freed us from reliance on Asian and Russian tourists, whose notion of mass tourism might have represented more of a threat to the city.”

Jan Press
director of the Moravian Gallery, board member of TIC BRNO

“The marketing strategy of the City of Brno has represented, and still does, a highly innovative concept of modern destination marketing, one that we’re quite unaccustomed to here in the Czech context. Creating unconventional projects (personalised brochures with critical assessments), focusing on new target groups, organising unusual gatherings, and creating information facilities in previously unconsidered places (the information centre at Brno’s provisional railway station), etc., might have raised eyebrows had they been part of more traditional approaches, but it’s clear that by adopting this strategy Brno has broken free from the insipid and often rote activities of other Czech regions. Brno’s marketing strategy offers a contrast to more entrenched practices, it draws more on the modern experience of guerrilla marketers (think Toscani’s publication ‘La Pub est une charogne qui nous sourit’/‘Advertising is carrion that smiles at us’), who judge the ‘idyllic world’ of strolls among historic buildings, family trips to castles, and lunch at a run-of-the-mill restaurant as the dullest tourist itinerary ever.”

Nora Dolanská,
teacher at the Department of Tourism, Metropolitan University Prague

“For us, Jana Janulíková’s impact has been especially felt on two fronts.
The first has been the creation of a powerful vision in building Brno’s identity not simply as a city offering architectural gems and historical monuments, but offering life with a cultural framework – more like San Francisco than a regional capital. The capacity to subject one’s identity to reflection and scrutiny, and then to reassemble it with a thought-out strategy, is something we see as the signature contribution of JJ herself, and something that was previously lacking. The second major impact as far as we’re concerned has been establishing and deepening a relationship with us, and with other gastro enterprises, as a mainstay in co-creating a more sociable city. In both these areas, we feel that Brno is much more advanced than we could possibly have dreamed of just a few years ago.”

Adam Vodička
acting as director of the Anybody hotel
Also creator of the hit establishments: Bar, který neexistuje, Super panda cirkus, 4 pokoje, etc.

"As an active musician, I’ve been involved in Brno’s cultural scene since 1994, and from 2001 as the organiser of JazzFest Brno and other events. Which means I’ve come into regular contact with TIC Brno in both roles – artistic and organisational. The intensity of our collaboration with TIC Brno shot up after Jana Janulíková took over as director. Her influence on cultural events within Brno is beyond question, and that influence has been positive. She’s personally responsible for TIC BRNO becoming a real partner to our activities. In recent years we’ve begun cooperating even more closely on joint activities, which include, for example, the festival of Spanish culture Iberica, the multi-genre festival Brno Music Marathon, and the student festival Jazz Courtyards. Besides which, we’re also successfully continuing to work together on other long-term, as well as brand new, activities (JazzFest Brno, Pop Messe, etc.). Her depth of knowledge, her active approach to dealing with Brno’s cultural issues, her resourcefulness, and her courage to come forward with new solutions, all give me confidence that our so-far enriching experience is set to continue, as are the positive trends in Brno’s culture."

Vilém Spilka
artistic director of Jazz Fest Brno

“In recent years we’ve had the chance to cooperate with the TIC BRNO team led by Jana Janulíková on several projects, and we can’t imagine any collaboration going more smoothly or achieving better results. Communicating with all the members of their team has been enjoyable, and it’s propelled us forward. During these years, the way Brno presents itself has blossomed: it’s more beautiful, more stylish, and more distinctive. The acclaim it receives is international. As designers, we appreciate a thoroughly prepared brief, concepts that are a pleasure to visualise, and a genuine interest in the subject. We look forward to discovering what this superb team will surprise, delight and entertain us with next.”

Martin Hrdina & Michal Pavlík
Hrdina & Pavlík

“For me, Mgr. et Mgr. Jana Janulíková is an object lesson in what the manager of a public body should be: effective, passionate about her causes, well-versed in her field, able to get things done, vivacious, and politically correct. Ready to support culture that deserves it and that has real value. Brno is extremely fortunate to have her at the head of TIC, and I sincerely hope, for all our sakes, that she continues to remain long in her post.”

Vít Kalvoda
chair of BACH – Brno Association of Club Music, managing director of Ponava Cafe s.r.o.

“The problem we run up against when evaluating the current performance of TIC is that there’s not a lot to compare it with. Under Jana Janulíková’s stewardship, Brno has (probably for the first time) a functioning organisation to propagate its culture and tourism.”

Petr Minařík
co-owner of the publisher Větrné mlýny, board member of TIC BRNO