We organize authentic tours, senior Thursdays - Villas in Žabovřesky, photo: Františka Uřičářová
Tematické prohlídkyAuthentic tours - guided tours for parents with children, photo: Jan Pochylý
Authentic tours, photos: Františka Uřičářová
Authentic tours, photos: Františka Uřičářová
Authentic tours, photos: Františka Uřičářová

Authentic tours

City tours with professional guides offer various topics for kids, pupils, students, adults as well as seniors in the spring, summer, autumn as well as during Advent.

  • Year-round offer in four cycles not only for individual tourists.
  • Various topics (architecture, traditions, legends, food and drink, culture, for kids, etc.) adjustable to fit demand.
  • Top-quality guides and fresh formats
  • Thursday program for seniors
  • Reasonable prices


“As a guide, cooperating with TIC on the Socialist Brno tour gives me the chance to reminisce on my own childhood. During these tours of Brno, the olden days were remembered by everyone present, myself included.”

Martin Foretník
guide (80s in Brno)

“I’ve been working for TIC as a guide for years now, and we’ve had to deal with all kinds of situations (fill-ins, unexpected tours, last-minute changes, etc.). Together, we’ve always managed, though. From the perspective of a guide, it’s important to have clients that are open to new ideas, and that’s exactly what TIC BRNO is. During our long cooperation, TIC has made incredible progress in terms of the services offered, the quality of their website, and so much more. Keep it up!”

Kristýna Burianová

“I like Brno with its bustling places as well as its quiet ones. And I’m happy that I get to introduce the city to pupils, foreigners as well as locals. I cherish the cooperation I receive from TIC Brno in bringing the city closer to the public. And thanks to TIC, I’ve met interesting people and seen new places. I even like to attend my colleagues’ tours.

I’d like to see Brno full of life again and I wish TIC lots of success and people interested in our city back on the streets again!”

Monika Postbieglová

“I’ve been cooperating with TIC since 1997 and appreciate its efforts to keep its offer fresh with themed tours and tours for schools or seniors as new impulses and job opportunities for the guides. This makes us move forward, look for new details, think about all the connections, and reveal forgotten facts that we like to share with the locals as well as tourists, so they know there’s a lot to be proud of here in Brno.”

Martina Zdražilová

“The cooperation with TIC has been improving for a long time now: TIC makes use of our professional experience and, in return, is forthcoming by providing unusual offers not only in terms of guide services but also various courses, projects, and events. We also enjoy working together to organize International Guides’ Day.”

Marina Sedláková
guide, chair of the South Moravian, Olomouc and Zlín departments of the Czech Guides Association