Gourmet Brno 2019 - Announcement
Gourmet Brno 2019 - Colours
Gourmet Brno 2019 - bistros
Gourmet Brno 2019 - patisseries
Gourmet Brno 2019 - fine dining
Gourmet Brno 2019 - cafes
Gourmet Brno 2019 - pubs
Gourmet Brno 2019 - restaurants
Gourmet Brno 2019 - wine bars
Announcement of Gourmet Brno 2017, photo: Michal Růžička TIC BRNO

Gourmet Brno

We were the absolute first to come out with this food guide in our country, and there still isn’t anything like it anywhere else in Czechia. It offers the most tantalising of Brno’s gastronomy.

  • a non-commercial listing of high-quality and proven Brno gastronomical projects, which has also included South Moravian projects since 2019
  • a guide with stunning visuals from the KIVA studio is available to print on the webpage
  • it offers the top, tastiest picks from Brno in 8 categories: restaurants, bistros, cafes, sweetshops, wine bars, pubs, bars and take-away
  • it offers suggestions from a nomination committee and ratings from a panel of experts
  • this unique project allows Brno locals and tourists to learn more about Brno’s delicacies


“Several years of Gourmet Brno speak for themselves. It is an example of an outstanding approach by the sponsor. It gives freedom and space for innovative approaches to the visual concept. For me, it is an experience I would want to always have in my work.”

Vladimír KIVA Novotný