UNESCO Creative City of Music
UNESCO Creative City of Music
UNESCO Creative City of Music

UNESCO Creative City of Music

Thanks to the wide range of music it offers, Brno has been a member of the prestigious international network of UNESCO Creative Cities as a city of music since 2017.

  • A special office designated for the project under TIC BRNO established in 2019.
  • Active mainly on the international level (meetings, conferences, music performances of artists from Brno as well as abroad).
  • Co-organizer of ZUŠ Open happenings and the Brno Music Marathon.
  • Provides support for local musicians and clubs, such as helping local clubs after the first wave of COVID-19.
  • Publishes the #Brno City of Music guide.


„Every time we have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Creative city of music Brno, it has been a great experience! In particular, in 2019, our cooperation brought Vilem Spilka Quartet in Bologna for a concert at Cantina Bentivoglio, one of the most famous jazz club in Italy, and the musician Nicola Manzan aka Bologna Violenta at the Maraton Hudby Brno festival, where he performed with Tinatin, an artist from Hannover, another city belonging to the UNESCO music cities network.“

Valentina Lanza
Bologna, Italy



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