Film Zátopek - Martha Issová, David Ondříček and Václav Neužil, stadium behind Lužánky, photo: Lucky Man Films
Film Il Boemo, director Petr Vaclav instructing the extras during, Mahen Theatre, photo: Richard Hodonicky
Film The Martian Ships with Eliska Krenkova, Kabaret Špaček, photo: David Konečný
Film Modeler with Jiří Mádl, bridge at Veveří Castle, photo: Michaela Hermína
The Letter for the King series, Pernštejn Castle, photo: Julie Vrabelová Netflix

Brno Film Office

The office was established to bolster the audiovisual industry in the region as an important area of the creative industry with strong economic and promotional potential.

  • key partner for film production in film-shoot preparation in the region
  • member of the prestigious European Film Commission Network (EUFCN)
  • since its establishment in 2017, it has supported more than 20 feature films, foreign projects and television serials and miniseries
  • for example, the wartime drama The Painted Bird, the film The Last Aristocrat, the series The Romanoffs, the features The Model Maker and Zátopek, the miniseries Maria Theresa, and the serial The Letter for the King
  • local companies, creatives and tradespeople are involved


“The Brno Film Office was our partner during filming preparation. We were in communication with them for about two years, to our complete satisfaction. They had a positive influence on selecting locations and several crew members. Because in this case I was a producer of the film, I can speak for 0.7km films to say that cooperation was downright joyful. The combination of the financial support we received from the South Moravian Film Fund and the qualified assistance of the Brno Film Office while preparing to film was enormously important for the creation of Droneman. If only there were more such entities in the country.”

Petr Zelenka
screenwriter, director, producer

“Without exaggeration, I have to say that it would have been hard to make Zátopek without cooperation with the city of Brno and its film office. In Brno, we found an ideal location in the stadium behind Lužánky, where we created the illusion of the Olympics in London in 1948 and Helsinky in 1952. I also have to express my great appreciation and profound gratitude to all the extras from Brno and the surroundings. When Zátopek ran into the stadium, I saw real tears of emotion in their eyes. That can’t be forgotten. Thanks Brno.”

David Ondříček
director, producer

We value the cooperation with the Brno Film Office. Its activities are very specialised and require a wide range of expertise concerning the processes of development, production and distribution of an audiovisual work, all crucial to the successful achievement of its primary purpose, which is the economic benefit of the region. Furthermore, this effect is boosted in Brno by the activities of the South Moravian Film Foundation Grant.

Pavlína Žipková
Director, Czech Film Commission


“We contact the Brno Film Office first when we are preparing to film in Brno. It is an important institution not only for us as a local company, but for film-makers in general. They offer help from selecting suitable locations to carrying out the filming itself, whether by communicating with local offices and institutions or providing information on permits. They offer experienced advice on selecting local subcontractors, connect us with suitable people for all professional components of the film, and recommend optimal accommodations. For us, the result of cooperation with the Brno Film Office on locations can be such a significant achievement as Droneman (directed by Petr Zelenka), filmed in large part in the attractive setting of Brno and its surroundings.”

Petr Piskáček


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