Space Rental

Space Rental

From impressive halls to dark underground rooms. We offer spaces for every event including furnishings. We know how to arrange chairs and tables in various ways and offer a sound system and Wi-Fi.

Type of event

Old Town Hall Gallery

Party or Celebration
From CZK 770 per hour
50 lidí
24 lidí
30 lidí
28 lidí

Rental Details

  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • Rentals available a day ahead.
  • Even spaces not on the price list (hallways, galleries…) can be rented.

Additional Services

BenQ Projector

800 CZK per event

Projection screen 2×3 m with stand

CZK 460 for the first day

Active speaker

(included in the price for weddings)

CZK 575 per event


(stationary, wireless)

CZK 345 per event

Flip chart

CZK 170 per event


(included in the price for weddings)

CZK 575 per event

Piano tuning

CZK 500 per event

Event Promotion

We'll get you in front of thousands of eyes. In print, on posters and online.

Advance Ticket Sales

A favourable chance to sell tickets to events. Sell online and at 5 branches in Brno.

Furniture Rental

Covered stages, tents, benches, chairs, tables. Everything for your event.